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Make Every Day a Great Day 
with Your Dog!

Lisalea is focused on creating win-win relationships for humans and their beloved dog(s). 


Whether you experience challenges living harmoniously with your dog, or you have a new pup and want to start on the right foot, Lisalea is here to help you and your dog have a mutually rewarding relationship.


Providing real world training in your home and out in public, she brings root cause solutions to the daily challenges you and your dog face. 


Lisalea's style of clicker training inspires you to have a deeper connection with your dog. She empowers you as an effective leader, and she engages the creative 

intelligence in your dog, thereby enhancing your relationship greatly. Lisalea's methods set dogs up for success, and allow them to make good choices. Learn how freeing it is (for both of you!) to NOT have to tell your dog what to do all the time.


"Lisalea is the most amazing trainer I have worked with in the 20 years we've had dogs. She has worked with me clicker training my dog who reacts to other dogs on the trail or even across the street. I am in utter awe of her skills and ability to communicate with my dogs. I watched today as she got Oliver to ignore three dogs at the fence barking at him as we walked by. She had his attention, and even had him lying down calmly within a foot of the fence, where the dogs were charging at him. Before working with her, Oliver would be jumping and growling and trying to attack these dogs. After working with her, I'm once again excited to walk him. I offer the highest of recommendation to this woman and her skills with dogs. She's a treasure and we're delighted to have learned about her!"

~Bobbe Miller Murray


  • $75/hr. (plus travel time for households beyond local service area)

  • 90 minute minimum recommended for most first sessions that include multiple dogs and/or issues, depending upon the presenting challenges.

Live Harmoniously
With Your Dog!
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  • Private, custom training at your home and out in public

  • Dog-centered clicker training

  • Behavior issues resolved

  • How to be a great leader & guardian

  • Choosing & adopting the right puppy/dog

  • Multiple dog households a specialty

“Lisalea helped me train both my enthusiastic puppy and my older dog who I thought was beyond help when it came to various annoying behaviors, and he was teaching them to the puppy.


I was actually at the end of my rope and right away Lisalea changed the situation. Of course, most of the problem was me! Step by step we worked on each problem, and I was surprised how fast the dogs responded. Lisalea isn't just a good dog trainer, she's a good people trainer, too. She got me to see things from my dogs' point of view.

I can now walk my dogs with zero pulling, partly due to them now having off-leash time a few times a week, something I didn't dare do until now. The dogs also don't jump on people at the door anymore, don't chase the cats and take treats gently.  

~Sarah Foster

"I've tried quite a few trainers in the area and by far my favorite is Lisalea. She is a true dog whisperer and got my super smart dog excited about training. She uses lots of positive reinforcement that actually works." 

~Jennifer Seel

Lisalea Latva
Lisalea has extensive dog care and training experience, including rescue & shelter work, training/behavior consultations, kennel-free boarding & day care and dog adventures: taking groups of dogs (12-20) on off-leash hikes. She has taken 1,200+ professional dog hikes.
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