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Lisalea Latva has extensive and lifelong dog care experience, including rescue and shelter work. She has previously operated See Spot Run in Bellingham, WA; VT and IN, and formerly owned a kennel-free boarding and doggie day care facility, Camp Canine, in Vermont.
Lisalea has done 1,200+ hikes with 12-20 dogs per outing, as a dog care professional.
Since birth Lisalea has lived with and loved dogs. She began to train those of her family and neighbors when she was about 10 yrs. old. She followed that by assisting her father, the local dog officer in rural N.H., with his more challenging cases. In her adult years, Lisalea has been the guardian of up to 5 dogs at a time of her own, and has also done extensive rescue/foster/re-homing. She is known for having a "dog's eye view of the world."
Lisalea has a gift for seeing the potential in dogs and understanding what's in the way of them actualizing that potential. She offers adventure outings because she sees the profound joy and deep contentment dogs experience while hiking with her in a pack. Dog guardians benefit greatly from having not just tired dogs, but dogs who are more psychologically balanced and instinctually contented.
Few things make Lisalea as happy as seeing previously frustrated or depressed dogs, transform into joyfully contented dogs.
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Bellingham Herald article, February 2002: 


...The only thing Latva needs by way of control is her voice. Even then, it's rarely raised, an impressive feat for someone taking so many dogs for a hike in the woods.... Latva's secret? She's part dog. She laughs as she shares this tidbit, but an outing shows Latva hasn't strayed far from the truth.... On the Squalicum Mountain trek, the dogs run far up the trail. They lag behind. They knock each other over into the snow. Some wander away for a bit. But they always return to Latva, who keeps a watchful eye without suffocating them with concern. 


..."It's amazing to me how she can do it, but she can,' says Kerri Juljis, A Bellingham resident who sends her dog Claude out on Latva's excursions."

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