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 Your Dog Could Be This Happy!


While you're at work (or engaged in other activities, if you're retired), your dog will romp with friends on a 1.5 hour hike in Nature. You'll have a deeply satisfied, tired dog when you get home - and a significantly more relaxed dog throughout the following day.


As Cesar Millan has shown, dogs who hike off leash in a pack become much more psychologically balanced and well behaved. Because this activity meets a deep instinctual need of dogs - being on the move in a pack out in Nature - it's no wonder they respond so dramatically.

Dogs who regularly hike off-leash are more balanced, confident and satisfied in their lives.


Vigorous exercise

Mental stimulation


Hedley and Casper.jpg
7 dogs splashing in a creek

Since dogs have to compromise so much in order to live with us, it's important to provide them regular opportunities to simply be dogs....

Dogs must be:

  • Very well socialized with no aggression issues towards dogs or humans

  • Relatively well-behaved

  • On a consistent and reliable flea prevention protocol.

Schedule & Service Area:

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (Thursday is currently full)

  • Serving West Olympia, North & West Tumwater households with easy on/off access to Hwy 101 & I-5. 

  • Out of service area clients meet at Haggen parking lot  (Black Lake Blvd. & Cooper Point Rd.) for pick up and drop off. 


  • $35 per outing 

  • $5 discount for those meeting at Haggen

Referral Benefits:

  • Receive a $10 credit for every first time dog referral who becomes a regular 1X weekly client with See Spot Run.

  • Receive a free outing for every dog referral who becomes a 2X weekly client.

Lisalea w_dogs on hike.jpg
Grace gets the gang going!
Shelby has a blast!


Our dogs are much happier and better behaved since we discovered Lisalea and her off-leash group hikes. They go out twice per week and wait by the window for her to arrive on their outing days.


When we come home the dogs are so much calmer and we can tell they had a great time. Sometimes we've been home and I've gotta say, we've never seen them more excited than when Lisalea pulls up in her van. And it's clear how much she loves them, too.


We're grateful to Lisalea for enriching our dogs' lives and for taking the pressure off us. We're all happier now that Lisalea is in our lives. 

~Susan Simmons

"Two of my dogs do Lisalea's adventure run and I recommend it for any owner who isn't able to provide ample exercise for their dog(s). Our dogs have become calmer and increasingly more attentive.


For quite some time Oliver has had a pretty non-responsive recall. We stopped letting him run off leash because he would often take off in the opposite direction. Needless to say, I was terrified the first few times he went with Lisalea on the adventure run. I had nightmares and, despite Lisalea's assurances, fully expected to have to round up a group to go out and look for him. I can't tell you how anxious I was. But lo and behold, after going out just once per week, Oliver's recall has improved significantly. We've even begun to take him off leash ourselves - and he comes back now! It's like these adventure runs have rehabilitated him. Our dogs now go out twice weekly and they absolutely love it!


Because of this and her almost magical clicker training with Oliver, Lisalea is our dog whisperer!"

~Bobbe Miller Murray

Rufus in foreground_edited.jpg
Playing with friends  
Sniffing exciting smells 
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